The Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes helps children master their times times tables up to 12.


There are two games in one, and two levels of difficulty.

Practice and master the 2 x 5 x and 10x tables with multiplication bingo.

Or, flip the quality board over and save the city with the times tables heroes game.  For a beginner level, choose the green spinner (2,5, and 10 times tables).  For a challenge, opt for the red spinner (all the times tables up to 12).

Move your superhero piece around the board by solving times tables problems.  There are bonus shields giving extra moves.  The winner is the player who is first to reach the evil robot first.

Orchard Times Tables Heroes Features:

  • There is a handy times table self-checker, to help those who are still learning their times tables.
  • It also means that players at different skill levels can still all play together.
  • A fun way to learn, practice and master your times tables.
  • Suitable for 6yrs+ and for 2 to 4 players.

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