The Name 5 game is a fabulously fast and fun party game that has players thinking on their feet to name 5 things in a category for their team.


This party game is loads of fun and especially good for large groups.

The topics, categories and questions are designed for teens and young adults making this game suitable for high school age and up.

There is a whole range of tasks from naming 5 planets to naming 5 stringed instruments.

To play, organise the group into 2 teams.  Roll the die and move your piece that many spots on the board.  The square landed on determines what colour and category your team will need to answer.  If you can do so in the time permitted then your team gets another go.  It is a race around the board.

But, there are a few extra options that make it even more interesting.  Some spaces on the board will force an “all play”, “flip flop” (where teams take turns contributing an answer until last person standing, “wild” (you get to choose the category on the card, and “double down” (which means you have to do two categories in the amount of time).

This game develops language, vocabulary, speed of processing and team work.

Includes: 144 name 5 cards (over 1400 challenges), game board, 4 pawns, die, 30 second timer

Recommended for 12yrs+

Suitable for 2players or 2 teams

Name 5 game Features:

  • Fast fun game that can easily work with a large group
  • Develop language, vocabulary, processing speed and work collaboratively
  • Team building, party and ice-breaker game

The Name 5 Game that will promote teamwork and have you racing against the clock.

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