The My Burrow Quoll is a completely new and unique way to use lycra to provide calming deep pressure touch.


Lycra has long been known for the therapeutic effects it offers via deep pressure touch and proprioceptive input in particular.  When you push against lycra, it pushes back – giving fabulous input to the receptors in the muscles and joints of the body.  It also offers heavy work opportunities and is frequently used in a host of activities – whether it is a body sock, swing, tunnel or even bed sheet.

My Burrow was developed by a teacher who wanted to offer the benefits of lycra for self regulation and sensory input, but with something that was stationary.

The clever patented Burrow design is extremely well made.

Wide velcro extends down the 2 opposite sides.

Simply place the burrow on carpet and stretch as much as needed before securing.  The tighter the stretch, the more deep pressure will be given.

Then creep, crawl, slither and slide through the tunnel (burrow).

The burrow will provide continuous sensory feedback, heightening attention and helping to reduce anxiety.

Use the burrow as part of an obstacle course, as a sensory break, as a calming space, to provide movement for development of motor skills and/or to encourage tummy time (developing core and shoulder stability).

The potential is endless.

We especially love how it can be easily adjusted to suit individual sensory needs, that it is child initiated and a quick release safety feature.

My Burrow comes in 3 sizes:

Bilby (small) 100 x 150cm

Quoll (medium) 150 x 150cm

Wombat (large/group) 150 x 220cm

Please note: if you are unsure whether the My Burrow will “work” on your carpet, we suggest you first try regular hook side velcro on your carpet (to check compatibility).

Includes: My Burrow Lycra sheet, storage bag and instructions

Comes in two colours (black or purple) depending on availability from supplier.

Suitable for all ages and abilities

My Burrow Quoll Medium Features:

  • Continuous deep pressure touch and proprioceptive input for regulation
  • Heavy work and motor skills activity
  • Multi age and Multi ability
  • Inclusive and non-restrictive
  • Multi-disciplinary (for home, for schools, specialist teaching environments, early childhood centres and therapeutic clinics)

My Burrow is a fabulous new way to calm sensitive children.

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