The B. Toys Musical Memory Game is a light up memory toy for young children and those with poor muscle tone. It can be a simple cause and effect toy, suitable for those with low muscle tone.

There are a number of different functions and ways to use and play the Musical Memory Game.

  1. Press the animal and it makes the sound
  2. Press anywhere and get a wacky sound
  3. Press and get music
  4. Catch-a-sound where you follow the lights and sounds as quickly as you can
  5. Listen to a number of sounds and try and repeat the pattern back.

This toy improves memory, hand-eye coordination, and builds strong cognitive skills.

  • A portable memory game that lights up and makes a ton of musical fun!
  • Plays 4 games: Catch the Sound, Music, Memory, and Wacky Sounds (can you guess what this one does?!)
  • The red handle fits perfectly in the palm of tiny hands to carry around and learn on the go
  • Comes with 3 x AAA batteries

Comes with:

  • 1 portable memory game with lights and sound