Moustache Match is a fast visual processing game like snap.  The twist with Moustache Match is that instead of using your hands players need to use their moustache stick.  It help develop visual processing, matching and hand eye coordination.

Players choose a moustache stick.  These vary in colour (brown, black or brown) and also in style of moustache.

Players need to know which style and colour moustache they have, and hold it against their face pretending to wear it.

The moustache sticks are easy to wash and keep clean as they are made of plastic.

Players take turns drawing a card from the deck and placing it face up on the table.  If anyone has either the same colour or style/shape moustache they then slap their stick down to secure the match.

Moustache Match is a quick and easy to learn game for all ages from 7yrs and up.  It is best for 3 to 6 players but can easily be played by 2 players.