The Motion Lava Lamp is a gold retro looking lava lamp.


This Lava Lamp features a metallic gold and glass body filled with a golden colour lava that swirls and ripples when lit.

It moves slowly and is visually calming.

When turned on, it does take a while for the motion to start.  We find it takes between one and half hours to two hours to relly get going strongly.

We love that this lava lamp is suitable for all ages, especially teenagers and sults.

Please note, this lava lamp like many lava lamps, does get hot to touch.   It doesn’t burn to touch, but it is hot.

We recommend placing this lamp out of reach of children.

  • 95(L) x 95(W) x 420(H) mm
  • Direct to wall power
  • There are specific instructions included.
  • Recommended for 6 years and up

Motion Lava Lamp Metallic Gold Features:

  • Visually calming lighting
  • Suitable for older children, teens and adults

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