The Mobi Maths Game for kids is a fun way to introduce numbers to children.


Mobi Kids is is a fun, quick beginner maths game and the perfect introduction to numbers for children.  Children use their number tiles to form simple equations using the + – and = tiles.  The first player to connect all their number tiles wins the game.

Play Mobi on any flat surface.  It is ideal for travel, the home, tutoring and in the classroom.

The Mobi Kids maths game comes with instructions for different ways to play and use the tiles.  It is easy to adjust the level of difficulty.  It becomes a handy resource for small group work and a valuable game to differentiate maths for varying abilities.

Tiles and instructions come in a small super cute whale zip bag.  The bag is sturdy, portable and handy for storage.

Mobi Maths Game for Kids Features:

  • Suitable for 4yrs +
  • 38 Number Tiles (1-10).
  • 48 Operation Tiles (+, -, =).
  • Promote early numeracy skills
  • Fun, quick and easy maths game

Promote early maths and numeracy skills with the super cute Mobi Maths Game for kids. 

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