The Miniland Send a Message is a versatile visual tool that combines words and enables kids to create messages in a cooperative and concrete way.

It promotes the development of communication skills whilst also helping develop language, improve phrase structuring and boost new vocabulary.


Create messages where other group members have to interpret your message using the visual cues.   Place pictures on pegs and pop them on the base in order.

Includes 4 bases along with 64 pegs and 105 images (people, verbs/actions, nouns, adverbs, miscellaneous) OR you can also easily make your own!

Click here for a handy online template tool.


  • Age 4-7 years
  • 4 bases, 64 pegs, 105 images
  • Educational guide with instructions and tips

We love that the Miniland Send a Message can easily be used to create a visual concrete routine for daily activities as well!

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