This Deluxe Magnet Set contains an assortment of 23 magnets and a set of paper clips for pick-up play. Oversized, plastic-coated magnets perfect for smaller hands to begin magnetic explorations. It includes two star magnets, two U shaped magnets, 4 x bar magnets, 2 x ring magnets, and more. 

Try using your new magnets to pick-up paperclips, pins, nails and other small magnetic objects. Whatever is attracted to your magnets contain iron. 

A great introduction to magnetism. This helps your child explore their Creativity and exploration. As well as learning about the properties of magnets, friction, magnetic fields, magnetic poles of magnets and the earth

Simply wave your magnets over all kinds of objects to see if they’re magnetic! Experiment with iron filings and pins! 

You can even explore the attraction and repulsion forces of the poles of your magnets. Opposite poles (the North and South poles of a magnet) attract, and like poles (North and North poles, and South and South poles) repel.