The Viga Logic Blocks are large high quality wooden multi-attribute shapes.

There are 4 different shapes.  Triangle, rectangle, square and circle.

The 4 different shapes also come in two thicknesses, two sizes and three colours (red, blue, yellow)

Multi-attribute blocks are used in the maths curriculum.  They are a manipulative used to develop understanding and skills around shapes, patterns, logic, classifying and more.

They can also be used in free play, and learning based play.

Large triangle each side is approx 8cm. Small triangle each side is approx 4cm

Large rectangle is 11 x 5.3cm.  Small rectangle is 5.6 x 2.8cm

Large square is 7 x 7cm.  Small square is 3.5 x 3.5cm

Large circle is 8cm diameter.  Small circle is approx 3.5cm

The two thickness are: 1.5cm and 0.7cm

48 pieces in total, all come in a sturdy wooden storage box.