The Brainbox Game – ABC is one of our all time favourite alphabet games.   What can you spot and remember on your alphabet card in 10 seconds?


This alphabet game is quick, easy and fun to play for 2 or more players.
A player simply chooses a card from the box.  The 10 second sand timer is flipped, and the player must look the card and try and memorise all that is in the picture.  Once the time is up, the active player rolls the dice and the question of the number rolled is asked.  Questions are on the reverse side of the card.  If the player answers correctly, then they keep the card.
The first player to collect 5 cards wins.
Each card in the box, is a letter of the alphabet or other common digraphs.
All pictures on that card, relate to that particular letter or digraph.
The questions on the back, all relate to the picture.
This game is a fun way to learn phonics, letter names and their sounds.  It also helps develop short term memory and visual memory skills.
There are other ways to play the game as well, the rules are flexible and easy to modify.  For younger children, give them two flips of the timer to loom at their card.

Brainbox Game ABC Features:

  • Develops letter and alphabet knowledge
  • Introduce and reinforce initial phoneme
  • Improves memory
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • caters to a wide range – number of players and ages
  • A fun activity for a group
  • All cards, timer and dice are stored in the sturdy box – so handy!
  • Suitable for 4yrs+
  • 12 x 12 x 12cm

The Brainbox Game ABC will have you playing together and learning together.

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