Little Cooperation by Djeco is the cutest beginner game for preschoolers.  It is a wonderful cooperative game which encourages children to play together positively.

The aim of the game is to get the 4 3D animal figures across the bridge before the ice melts and the bridge collapses.

The game requires all players to work together, cooperating, supporting and encouraging each other.

Players still need to play by the rules and still take turns but they are all on the same side.  It is a fantastic way to introduce games and how to play games to young children, all without the competitive element.

Players take turns rolling the dice.

If they roll an igloo, they get to move one of the animals (any they choose) one step towards the other side of the bridge.

If they roll a bridge, they can cross to the other side.

If they roll the ice, they must remove one of the pieces of ice holding up the bridge.

Players need to be careful as the Ice Bridge could collapse at any minute.

Includes: 4 gorgeous 3D animals (they vary in size, the smallest is 4.5cm x 3cm). Penguin, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Fox

1 dice, 6 blocks of ice, 3 pieces of sturdy card for the game board and bridge.

For ages 2 to 5 years old