The Little Action game by Djeco is a movement game designed for preschoolers.  It is a first action game that gets young children performing a wide range of gross motor and fine motor movements. 

Using the gorgeous 3 dimensional animals build a pyramid, play skittles, throw and catch, balance and more.

Players take turns drawing a card from the deck and attempt the action challenge on the card.  Players are allowed three attempt at their challenge.  If they succeed, they collect a medal.  The player with the most medals wins the game.

This is a quick, easy and fun beginner game for young children.  It supports the development of valuable social skills such as turn taking, controlled movement, balance, fine motor, crossing the midline and it gets children up and moving!

Djeco is a beautiful quality game that will become a much loved favourite in therapy settings, family homes or early childhood environments.

Included: 6 animals, 20 action cards and 12 medals.

Suitable for 2 and a half years up to 5yrs, and for 2 to 4 players.

Takes approx 10 minutes to play.