Let’s Feel Sandpaper Letters from Smart Kids are easy to use lower case alphabet letters from sandpaper.


This set of alphabet letters is sandpaper texture on one side and sticky on the reverse.  Peel off and place on the large sturdy alphabet cards.  The stickers are reusable and can even be placed elsewhere.

Use this pack of sandpaper letters and alphabet cards to feel and practice letter formation, letter sounds and letter names.

Use with a blindfold to guess the letter, or make textured frottage rubbings with a piece of paper and crayon.

Images correspond with the letter being taught and printed words are also provided with the initial letter colour coded in orange to relate back to the sandpaper.

The pack includes: 27 chunky alphabet cards (210 x 150mm) and 2 printed sandpaper sheets with self adhesive backing (with 27 letters).

n.b. there are two different versions of the letter k.

Let’s Feel Sandpaper Letters Features:

  • A learning by touch alphabet teaching resource
  • Multi-sensory way to learn the alphabet
  • Reusable stickers
  • large and durable

Let’s Feel Sandpaper Letters are a visual, tactile and auditory learning activity all in one!

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