The Kaiko Wrist Spiky Fidget is one of our most popular fidgets for those who need deep and focused pressure to assist with self regulation.   It is an ideal fidget for those who pick at their skin, fingernails, clothing.

There are so many styles and designs, and all are suitable for older children, teenagers and adults.  They help with self regulation, calming, focus, concentration, tactile awareness, fine motor and as a substitution for unhealthy/unhelpful behaviours.


Wear the wrist spiky on the wrist.  It is with you all the time.  Choose the best size – to be most effective it needs to be snug. Small for children (and adults with small wrists) and large for teenagers and adults.  The tightly coiled spiky gives pressure all day long.

When needing to fidget roll it up and down the arm or simply give the spiky a little pull and it snaps back onto the wrist.  It will not break the skin.

The Kaiko wrist spikey fidget is discreet and looks like a trendy piece of jewellery.  It is quiet and keeps your hands busy allowing you to focus.

A small word on anxiety…

The Occupational Therapist behind the Kaiko brand has had excellent feedback on the Kaiko Wrist Spiky. Especially for those who live with anxiety.  They have had particularly good feedback from those who self-harm.  Indeed, we have had customers who’ve bought the wrist spiky fidget from us and told us it has been the best tool to help them warding against tendency to self harm.  Of course, the spiky fidget does not replace accessing professional help.  It is a useful tool for the kitbag.


  • Age 3+ (not suitable for under 3’s)
  • Includes small case
  • Range of colours and sizes

Suitable for anyone and everyone, whatever your needs. We love the Kaiko wrist spiky fidget.

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