The Kaiko The Works Fidgets Purple set is jam packed with fidgets that look cool, are suitable for older children, teenagers and adults.  And, they feel fantastic.

The Kaiko The Works pack is ideal for teachers and therapists who need a range of types of fidgets to cater for diverse sensory needs. Especially for those who need something quiet, small and discreet.  They fit easily in the palm of your hand or pocket.



The Kaiko The Works Purple set is the ultimate fidget kit full of age appropriate fidgets.

Kaiko fidgets can help with calming, focus and self regulation.  They also help develop fine motor skills and hand strengthening.


Kaiko The Works Purple Fidgets Features:

  • With the works pack of fidgets you get 7 awesome options: medium fidget, magic ball, centipede, loop fidget, cog (purple), spikey (purple) and caterpillar (purple).
  • The quality of Kaiko fidgets is second to none.  They come in a handy storage tin. 

Many use them to assist with anxiety and stress.


All of your favourite Kaiko Fidgets in one kit with three special edition purple fidgets!


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