The Activities Cards Circle Time gives you a set of 50 large double sided cards packed with ideas for teaching, learning and playing in groups.  time. 


Circle time is an important strategy and opportunity to teach a whole range of skills.  Having moments where a large group comes together and interact positively is vital to building strengths and relationships both as an individual and for the whole.

This set of cards will give teachers and group leaders lots of ideas for valuable and fun activities.  

Develop oral communication, team building, concentration, literacy and numeracy skills.

The cards are ready to go plans that include objectives, equipment needed and activity procedures.


50 Activities Cards Circle Time Features:

  • A set of resources perfect for teachers, casual teachers, coaches and group leaders.
  • Activities to suit a whole range of ages
  • Cards are approx 18 x 11.5cm

Add the 50 Activities Cards Circle Time to your teaching kitbag and never be short of ideas for whole class time again! 

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