The Quercetti Jumbo Peggy is the perfect peg board for beginners.


Link the 9 white chunky plates together and you are good to go with either following a pattern card or creating your own design.

The jumbo pegs easily slot into place with a little aim and a push.

You can pop the pattern card onto the base so there is a very easy way to work out which colour goes where.  For more of a challenge, place the pattern card next to the base.

There are 4 double sided colour pattern cards and 36 coloured pegs (green, blue, yellow and red).  Each peg is approximately 5.3 x 3cm

The pegs can also be stacked, and the whit chunky base pieces can also be used to turn the Jumbo Peggy into a fun and creative building and construction toy.

Recommended for 2yrs+

Quercetti Jumbo Pegg 45pc 2271 Features:

  • Promote colour recognition
  • Develop fine motor, visual planning and hand eye coordination skills
  • Excellent beginner peg board
  • Two levels of difficulty
  • Doubles as a building and construction toy
  • Ideal for early childhood centre, therapeutic clinics and the home.
Follow the pattern cards or use as a beginner construction toy with the stackable jumbo peggy system. 

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