Using the Jumbo Money Dice are a great way to educate your child about money and Australian currency. Use these dice to create your very own game or activity.

The 6 sided Jumbo Dice includes:

  • $2 coins
  • $1 coins
  • 50c Coins
  • 20c Coins
  • 10c Coins
  • 5c Coins

The dice are Jumbo which makes it easier to recognise the difference between the different coin pictures.

Jumbo Dice Dimensions:

  • The dice are 30mm

These dice are a great resource for at home or in the classroom.

Recommended for ages 5-8 but suitable for all ages.

The Dice are Sold Separately.

Fun Tip: You could a Jumbo Money Dice with the Play Money Coins to create a matching game.