The DIY Calm Down Bottle from Jellystone is the perfect way to create a completely individualised visual calming bottle.


The kit comes with what you need to make your own personalised visual liquid bottle. Just add water and a dash of washing up liquid and you are good to go!

Make it and shake it, then be mesmerised as the glitter, beads and other little object sparkle and fall to the bottom.  Then simply flip it or shake it to start the process again.

Use the calm down bottle in your sensory kit bag to help with self-regulation, to focus or as an aid with breathing exercises.

We love that the bottle has textured silicone caps on each end.  This introduces additional sensory inout and also provides a little more safety and protection for the bottle itself.

Perhaps you have someone who is super interested in dinosaurs.  Why not add a couple dinosaur objects or counters?  Or, maybe you have someone older.  In which case you can add more age appropriate items.

We also love that the bottle and lid is completely non-toxic, free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC.

You can reuse, refill, recreate, relax and enjoy.

DIY Calm Down Bottle Features:

  • Suitable for 3yrs +
  • Non-toxic bottle and lid
  • Soft, textured silicone caps on each end
  • 21cm x 5cm

A fantastic calming tool that can be tailored to meet individual interests.

They come in 2 colours, Snow and Blue. Please note that Colour may vary depending on avalaiblity.

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