The In a Pickle kit is for those after a whole heap of super fun and super-charged sensory processing activities.


In a Pickle is a large sturdy cylinder (representing a pickle jar) packed with prompts for sensory processing activities, on thick quality cards.

Each of the prompts are specially designed to help children learn to regulate.

The cards are colour coded according to: alertness, calm, balance, heavy work and resistance activities.

In a Pickle has been designed by therapists, and can be used at home, school or in clinic.

It is suitable for solo or group play.

There are multiple ways this resource and its cards can be used.

* Choose a category, take turns selecting a card and performing the activity.

* Choose a card and act it out (charades) and others need to guess what activity the active player was required to do

* Select a card to finish each session

* Work through cards and notice how you feel after each activity.

* Sort cards into activities to start the day, for transitions or for calming

* Use the cards as a sensory break throughout the day

Examples of activities:

Resistance: pop bubble wrap, stretch exercise band 5 different ways, play with putty, use blocks with magnets or velcro, spray a water bottle over a plant

Alerting: rock fast in bilibo, crash onto pillow or beanbag, stretch up high then bend over and touch the ground, jump from one spot to another

Calm: listen to soothing music, find items in rice, sit and watch a fish tank or slow moving light, pop a weighted item on lap or shoulders

Heavy work: push a ball through  lycra tunnel, do 10 standing push ups against a wall, dry mop the floor, carry 5 large books in a wheelbarrow or trolley

Balance: hang upside down over bed or lounge, be a super hero on a swing (lie prone), balance a book o your head and walk across the room, play leap frog over 5 pillows

Recommended for 3yrs+

For one or more

Includes: 75 activity cards (10 x 7.5cm) in large sturdy cylinder (14 x 20cm)

In a Pickle kit Features:

  • Promote sensory integration
  • Develops self awareness
  • Builds self regulation strategies
  • Supports sensory seekers, sensory avoiders and sensory over-responders
  • For one player or a whole group
  • Designed by paediatric therapists full of fun great ideas for a variety of sensory input

Never be stick for sensory ideas again, with the In a Pickle kit always within your reach.

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