The Ice Cubed game is a multi level number puzzle game teaching numeracy, problem solving and logical deduction.


This game has six ice cubes each featuring numbers on four sides.  Players need to figure out how to position the ice cubes so that the numebrs on the four faces (vertically) add up to the total shown at the base of each tower.  All at the same time!

The puzzle has 48 challenge levels that gradually increase in difficulty.

Essentially this is a one player game, however it is also the sort of puzzle where you can have a couple of heads working together.  You could also introduce a timer and race to see who can complete each level quickest.

The harder levels are not for the feint hearted, and well suited to those who enjoy a maths challenge.

Ice Cubed Game Features:

  • 7yrs +
  • Maths and logic game
  • Single player game

The Ice Cubed Game is a fun way to hone your counting, addition and logic skills.  

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