The High Rise Money Box System teaches kids the basics of financial literacy.

The included ledger card allows kids to set financial goals, record the movement of money and  keep up-to-date with their personal finances.

Children are encouraged to allocate their weekly pocket money into:

Spend – This is the money to spend on day-to-day fun.

Share – This is the money to put aside and donate to a great cause or to help someone in need.

Save – This is the money to put away and save up for a big item.

How to use the High Rise Box System:

Open the ledger card and encourage your child to choose which tower they will allocate to SPEND. Which tower to SHARE and which to SAVE. One great idea is to use the largest tower as the savings tower to encourage long term saving habits.

Label each tower:

  • Save: Ask your child to think about what they might like to Save for so they can label the value on the money box.
  •  Share:  This tower can also have a target value at which point they might like to buy a gift or give something to someone in need.
  • Spend: This tower may or may not need a target, depending on how your child wants to use their spending money.

It is important that as soon as money is added or taken out of each tower, the corresponding ledger card is filled in. By doing this they will always know how much money they have in each tower. This may also help your child to stay motivated with their savings.

The High Rise Money Box System comes with:

  • 3 x Metal Money Towers with removable lids
  • 1 x Ledger Card
  • 1 x Black base to sit the towers in

Recommended for ages 6 and up

The High Rise Money Box System also works great with the Pocket Money Chart