Hickies laces are an alternative to regular shoelaces.  They slip onto your shoes, securing them in a similar way, but without needing to tie them.

Hickies will work with any shoe that has shoelace eyelets. There’s no need to tie them every time you put on and take off your shoes because they’re secured with durable clasps that you won’t have to reconnect every time you wear your sneakers. Just slip them on, slide them off, and get going.  Plus, you can install HICKIES any which way to give you the perfect fit—HICKIES are made to adapt to you.

The Hickies straps are made from a non-toxic rubber.  This means they won’t get sopping wet.  They are also flexible and can bounce and stretch as needed.

Hickies are ideal for those who have trouble tying shoelaces.  And they look COOL!

A pack comes with enough straps for a pair of shoes (Adults = 14 straps, Kids – 10 straps).

Adults Hickies are suitable for 8yrs+

However, you can use the adults straps in children’s shoes.

We have laced a Size 1 in the regular style and the tight style.  Please see pale denim shoe in the images.

We have laced a Size 3 Runner in tight style.  Please see black nike runner in the images.

We have laced a Children’s Size 11 in the extra tight style (but you need a minimum of 4 eyelets on each side for this).

Colour: White

Also available in: Black