The Think Fun Heads Talk Tails Walk game is a great game that will have children up and moving.

Choose a “head” card to try and match the “tail” of the animal cards.  If you get a match, you keep the set.  

But if you create a mis-match you have to make the noise of the top half of the animal but move like the bottom half of the animal.  You could be barking like a dog but moving like a duck.  

Can you hop like a frog while clucking like a chicken? Have a blast trying with this delightfully silly game. 

The Heads Talk Tails Walk game also helps work on memory skills, and will have children really concentrating when the have to walk like one animal but talk like another.

We thoroughly recommend this game to get children moving, using big muscles for vestibular input indoors or outdoors.  Animal movements are often used as a strategy in occupational therapy.  This would be a great resource to add to the kit bag at home, school or therapuetic centre.

Suitable for 3yrs+