The Harkla Hug Calming Canoe provides a gentle squeeze and deep pressure.  It combines


It combines tactile and proprioceptive sensory input with the fun of being in a canoe!

Inflate the pea pod with the pump provided.  Find a comfy spot in your home, classroom, therapeutic clinic or sensory space and enjoy watching your child exploring and relaxing in the Harkla Hug.

The Harkla Hug comes in two sizes.

The small is 121 x 73 x 50cm and is recommended for 2 to 6yrs.  It is tested to 23kg.

The medium is 152 x 73 x 50cm and is recommended for 6 to 12yrs.  It is tested to 45kg.

That said, our staff have all tried the medium and our smaller adults (152cm and 156cm in height) could fit comfortably.  Ellie is 156cm and she is the gorgeous young lady in the main photo!  We have also been in the small, believe it or not!

We love that you can choose how much to inflate the Harkla Hug.  Be in control of how much squeeze is provided.  Elect to inflate the floor for more wobble/movement. If the floor is not inflated (or only partially inflated) it stays still.

Included is an electric pump and patch kit (just in case).

Grab a book or your favourite fidget and sit back and relax!

Harkla Hug Calming Canoe Features:

  • Soft and comfortable flocked vinyl
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • A valuable calming sensory tool
  • Small – recommended for 2 to 6 years

Add the Harkla Hug to your sensory space and relax with the gentle all over squeeze.  

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