The Harkla Compression Sheet provides deep touch pressure which has a calming, organising effect on children and adults alike.  Slip a compression sheet over your mattress.  The Compression sheet can help with bedtime routine and getting more sleep.  It is like a big gentle hug through the night.  


A compression sheet is most often used at home for those who need a little more support in encouraging calm, relaxation and sleep patterns.

It is particularly useful for those who enjoy the comfort of compression, but not the extra weight of a weighted blanket.  It provides deep touch pressure solely from the gentle squeeze of compression and light pressure.  

The pressure from a Harkla Compression Sheet is not overpowering or constricting. It mimics the soft feeling of being wrapped up in a gentle ongoing hug.

The Harkla sheet fits snugly around two thirds of the bed.  This leaves plenty of room for the head at the top end. The other end is open as well.  This gives the option to stick the feet out, if needed.  It also facilitates ease when putting on or removing the sheet.

We love the quality of Harkla products, and highly recommend them.

To use, simply pop a fitted sheet on your mattress then slip a compression sheet over the top.  Climb in!



Twin 96.52cm wide and 152.4cm long (1 pillow width shorter than a mattress which is approx 180 – 190cm long)  = Australian SINGLE

Full 137.16cm wide and 152.4cm long (1 pillow width shorter than a mattress which is approx 180 – 190cm long) =  Australian DOUBLE

Queen 152.4cm wide and 152.4cm long (50cm shorter than a queen mattress) = Australian QUEEN

Harkla Compression Sheet Features:

* Easy to fit onto mattress

* Quality lycra fabric

* Provide calming pressure for proprioceptive input

* Assisting with bedtime routine, unwinding at night, sleep, anxiety, waking during the night

Colours NAVY

The Harkla Compression Sheet can help you get a calming good night sleep.  It gives a gorgeous gentle hug the whole night through!

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