The Harkla Body Sock helps to soothe and calm by providing proprioceptive feedback and deep pressure.


The body sock encourages play and exploration through movement by pressing and stretching the material.  Feel where your body is in space, become attuned to where the body’s limbs are through the gentle pressure of the material “pushing back”.  The pressure provides sensory input to the receptors in the muscles and joints.

For those who enjoy a gentle squeeze, the Harkla Body Sock is also helpful.  It can be very calming and grounding.

There are a wide variety of activities that the Body Sock can be introduced and magnifying the benefits.  Many Occupational Therapists use Body Socks in their clinics.  They can also be a valuable resource in early education environments, schools and the home.  

Combine a body sock with a swing or in a Dark Den or sensory room/space.

Do animal walks, yoga poses, watch yourself in a mirror.  Body socks can be worn while watching TV or even worn to bed.

The bright blue colour suits all ages.  It is a high quality breathable blend (nylon-spandex).  It stretches and is very comfortable.  The Body sock is well made, durable and has double stitched seams and sturdy snap fastenings.

Once inside, enjoy a soft yet gentle pressure and unique private space – almost like a cocoon.

It also comes in a handy carry bag, ideal for travel.

They come in 4 sizes:

Small – 68cm x 101cm. (height guide 96 – 115cm)

Medium – 68cm x 122cm (height guide 116 – 135cm)

Large – 71cm x 142cm (height guide 136 – 155cm)

X Large – 76cm x 162cm (height guide 156cm+ )

Combine with the Harkla Hug Sensory Canoe for even more deep pressure!


Harkla Body Sock Features:

  • breathable comfortable high quality material that gives good “push back”
  • sturdy snap fastenings (rather than velcro)

Harkla Body Socks are a great way to soothe and self regulate through deep pressure.


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