The Good Morning Yoga Book is a gorgeous story and beautiful picture book.  It is carefully designed to target waking up, planning for the day and increasing energy.

It is a great practice for children and parents to greet the morning with yoga because you can start the day with intention and confidence.

Read Good Morning Yoga each morning and help children to learn to focus, relax, self regulate and start the day with energy and excitement.

We love the fact that Good Morning Yoga concludes with a visualisation for kids to set intentions for the day.

Ideal for families or in an educational setting.  Share precious moments together but most importantly, instil the valuable practice of Yoga to greet the day with joy, intention and confidence.

What we love about yoga:

  • teaches strategies for calming and self-regulation
  • helps develop proprioceptive sensory system (where the body and limbs are)
  • develops vestibular system (with balance and coordination)
  • provides opportunity for mindfulness which in turn can assist with interoceptive awareness