Peaceable Kingdom Gnomes at Night


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Gnomes at Night is a cooperative barrier game that involves a lot of communicating and strategy.

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The Peaceable Kingdom Gnomes at Night is one of our all time favourite games at Starfish.

The idea of the game is to help each other move the gnomes (which are magnetised – one on each side of the vertical board) to collect as many treasures as you can before the time runs out.

The “problem” is that each player has a different maze to work through.  The maze paths are different on each side of the board.

You can move your gnome only along the paths on your side of the board.

And you can’t move your mover through a wall in the maze.  The way to get “through” is to work together, and communicate well.  You might not be able t get through but the other player might be able to because their maze pathway is different.

This game is sort of like a barrier game, often used in speech pathology to encourage communication, receptive and expressive language.

We love that Gnomes at Night is a cooperative game.  Players work together against the clock.

It promotes positive interaction and social skills.

It also develops hand eye, and visual planning.

Gnomes at Night can be played by up to 4 players, but we mostly only play with 2 people.

We also don’t usually use the timer.  It is a quick game, so we tend to try and collect all the treasures.

Gnomes at Night can be easily differentiated, as there are 4 levels of difficulty.

A sensational game.

Suitable for 6yrs +


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