We love Fun Factory Cuisenaire Rods, as it comes with a collection of rectangular rods, each of a different colour and size. The smallest rod is one centimetre long and the longest rod is 10 centimetres long. 


These are a great teaching tool for teaching a variety of maths skills, including counting, addition, subtraction and more. The aid to provide an easy and fun way to learn, and as maths understanding grows they can be used to learn fractions, measurements and geometry. This set of cuisenaire rods come packaged in a wooden storage box with clear perspex sliding lid, for safe keeping.

Fun Factory Cuisenaire Rods Features:


  • 308 pieces of colour coded rods (White 176pcs, Brown 6pcs, Blue 6pcs, Orange 6pcs, Yellow 10 pcs, Dark Green 10pcs, Black 10pcs, Red 36pcs, Light Green 36pcs and Pink  12pcs)
  • Storage box measures approx. (L) 32.5cm x (W) 17.5cm x (H) 3.5cm
  • This set contains small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  • Non Toxic, child friendly paint and materials.
  • Age: 6+

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