The Brainwright Flexi Puzzle Fidget is a bendy stretchy brainteaser and fidget all in one.

Flex your mind with the Flexi Puzzle! 12 connected cubes can be bent in every direction. But which is the right way? With 80 challenges and 4 levels of difficulty, this brainteaser will have you twisting and turning, but that’s half the fun!

Flex your mind with the 12 connected cubes that can be bent and twisted in every direction.  Use it simply as a fidget OR work your way through the 80 challenges. Try and twist and position the cubes to match the configuration of each challenge. 

We love that the Flexi Puzzle Fidget is quiet and so discreet.  It fits into the palm of your hand, a pencil case, pocket, backpack, glove box or handbag.  It is well suited to older children, teenagers and adults.

Perfect for those down times waiting or during transitions.

A beauty to include in your sensory kit or fidget box.

 Suitable for 8yrs+

Approx 16 x 1.3 x 1.3cm