The Find It game at the beach edition is an addictive game of spot the object.  A treasure hunt in a sealed container.


Every edition of the Find It games have a visual hide n seek adventure in a container!

Your version has a large and solid clear plastic container that is filled with brightly coloured plastic pellets along with over 40 different hidden items (all related to the theme).

Twist, spin, shake, turn to find as many of the objects as you can.  Work on your own, as a team or take turns.

Included is a checklist pad with removable pages.  There is also a list clearly printed on the lid of the find it container.  You’ll always have the list of objects with you.  It also means you don’t have any loose parts.  This makes the Find it game ideal for car trips, holidays, camping, classrooms, waiting rooms and more. Plus it is easy to clean.

In the find it at the beach version, you will be searching for all sorts of objects from shovels, shells, and sunglasses to boats, sharks and anchors.

We love that the find it game is a multi-sensory game.  It is visual but it is also auditory.  As you rotate the container the tiny pellets tumble around.   You can use one hand but will often use two, developing bilateral coordination and also crossing the midline.

Every time you play, it is different.  Stop and start whenever you like.  Or set a timer and race to see how many objects you can find.

Find It game At the Beach Edition Features:

  • Visual container game
  • Develops multiple skills – visual tracking, hand eye and bilateral coordination, speech and language
  • Over 40 beac themed objects within the secure and solid clear container
  • Suitable for 1 or more players
  • Recommended for 8yrs+
  • 24 x 9cm
  • Winner of multiple game awards

How many of the hidden treasures can you find in the find it game at the beach edition?

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