The Fat Brain Inny Bin is a unique shape learning experience and sensory exploration toy.  It bends the rules of playing with shapes.

The six chunky shape blocks are covered with differing textures that give fabulous tactile input.

Instead of putting the shapes through a traditional shape sorter (where the shape matches the cut-out) the shapes in the Fat Brain Inny Bin need to be pushed through the coloured elastic bands on each side of the cube.

The Inny Bin is jam packed with exploration, experimenting adn discovering opportunities for the curious.

We love all the colours and the quality.  We love that this is such an unusual toy.  And we love all the proprioceptive input from the pushing and pulling of the shapes into and out of the Inny Bin.

The Inny Binny is for 10mths+ but could happily be used by older people as part of their therapy as it doesn’t look like an infant toy at all.