This face mask was purposefully designed for dolls and teddy bears.

Dolls and Teddy Bear masks can help with the explaining of:

  • what face masks are
  • why we need to wear them
  • how to wear them
  • how to put them on and take them off

Having face masks for a favourite doll or teddy can be helpful in reducing anxiety around wearing face masks.  It can provide a platform for discussion and make the whole experience more normalised.

The doll mask is made from the same pattern fabric as some of the children’s face masks.

Designed and produced by a professional costume and clothing seamstress with a Degree of Fine Arts in Production (Costume Design & Construction).  There were many designs tried and tested before landing on the final version.

The doll mask has one strap that goes all the way around the head of the doll (or teddy). Depending on the size of the head, the elastic can be tightened by simply tying a not in the elastic at the back.


Fabric, Construction, Measurements

The doll face masks are made from pre washed cotton. They will not shrink and are washable.

The doll face masks are not lined.

The size of the actual face mask fabric is 8 x 5.5cm and the full circumference including the elastic (not stretched) is 20cm.