This Face Mask is for adults. Whilst not hospital grade, a face mask, even a home made one, may offer some protection against droplets from coughs and sneezing. 

More importantly it can stop you passing the virus on.  If everyone wears a face mask, you protect others and they protect you.


Vladimir Zdimal PhD (Head of Chemistry and Aerosol Physics, Czech Academy of Science) says that even home made masks can catch 95-100% of droplets (from the wearer).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are also “now recommending the wearing of cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.”

Designed and produced by a professional costume and clothing seamstress with a Degree of Fine Arts in Production (Costume Design & Construction).  Our face masks are made extremely well, with attention to detail and comfort.

The elastic straps can be easily shortened if needed, by tying a knot in the elastic each side.

Face Mask Adult Mermaid Features:

Fabric and Construction

The lining is a poly cotton.  Which means it will be breathable, light weight and easy to wash.

The front is a cotton.  It is slightly heavier, but has similar properties to the lining.

The fabric has been pre-shrunk.

The masks are reversible.  So you can choose which colour/design faces outward.

It also means you can be sure, if you remove your mask, which side needs to be facing outwards when it is put back on.

In terms of construction, they are very hard wearing and durable, as all of the internal seams have been overlocked.

Some recommend having 2 masks so you can always have one in the wash.

To wear the mask:

  • Simply place the “pointy bit” or peak at the top, which covers the nose.
  • The elastic straps go around each ear.
  • The mask should come below the chin, as the mouth needs to be fully covered.


Designed to suit an average adult.

The Face Mask fabric itself is approx 26cm x 12.5cm (from nose to chin).

It is important to highlight that we must continue exercising social distancing, using strict hygiene and staying at home unless essential.

Any protection is worthwhile in our view


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