Abilitations Egg Pencil Grip

Abilitations Egg Pencil Grip


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The Egg Pencil Grip is a creative and uniquely shaped designed grip.


79 in stock


The Egg Pencil Grip is a creative and uniquely shaped designed grip.

Use this grip to assist early learners and/or children/adults with special needs pre writing and early writing skills. This will also develop and improve tripod grasp.

The Egg Pencil grip helps develop the small muscles of the hand and also plays a sensory purpose, providing the soft foam texture and shape. Perfect for home use, the classroom and therapy.

How to use the egg pencil grip:

Simply slide the egg pencil grip over a crayon, pen, pencil or marker, keep the grip towards the bottom of the writing instrument which allows the wrist to rest on the table and encourage the proper tripod grasp.


  • use one or two of these grips on a pencil, paintbrush, marker etc to allow the child to use a whole hand grasp
  • Can also be used as a hand exerciser, squeezing and then releasing the grip.
  • Counting and sorting activities

Recommended for ages 2 +
Available in a range of colours – Please note Purpe and Orange are now only available.

Care and safety

  • Made from foam rubber material – CONTAINS LATEX
  • Clean with a damp cloth


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