The Coko Bricks Vowel Sounds is a great way to develop literacy skills using concrete materials.

These bricks are a valuable addiiton to any phonics resource kit.  They are a fantastic way to demonstrate that letters often combine to represent sounds.  They are particularly helpful in teaching synthetic phonics (blending sounds) and in spelling especially when comibined with the loer case letter set.

This set has the following vowel sound bricks: ai, ay, oa, ow, ou, ie, ey, ee, ea, oo, ar, ew, ue, or, aw, ar, ew, ue, or, aw, ir, er, ur, oy, oi.


  • Contains 20 pieces,  in foundation style writing.
  • Includes teachers notes filled with learning ideas. 
  • Ages 4+

 Does NOT include Coko base plate, sold separately