The Navy Magnetic Fishing game is an update on the ever popular original.  Learn colours and numbers by matching the fish you have caught on your lotto card.


This magnetic fishing game combines all the fun, hand eye coordination and concentration of the traditional magnetic fishing games with the first to finish race of a bingo or lotto game.

Carefully dangle the magnetic hook on the fishing rod over the wooden fish, to catch a fish.  If you have caught a fish that has either a colour or number that is on your lotto card then you keep it.  Place the fish on its match on your card.  First to complete their card wins the game.

This Navy fishing game can also be played as a single player game.

It can also easily become a multi-level game.  Players can catch fish and place on their lotto card.  Or, catch according to colour or lastly its numeral.

Djeco Navy Magnetic Fishing Game Features:

  • 24 wooden fish (the eyes have a raised magnet, securely embedded)
  • 1 wooden fishing rod
  • 6 fish lotto cards
  • 1 to 6 players
  • Age 3yrs+
  • 22 x 22 x 4cm

How many fish can you catch with the Djeco Navy Magnetic Fishing game?

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