The Djeco Wooden Magnetic Alphabet Letters are a set of 83 quality lower case letter.   Learn letters and spell words at home or in educational settings on any magnetic surface.


This set has multiples of letters, all are wooden with a magnetic back.  The magnet is fully fused to the entire back of the letter.  The letters are a good size for small hands and come in a variety of muted tones.

The set comes in a sturdy storage box.

The letters can be used in small group literacy activities in early childhood settings and classrooms.  Have them out on magnetic boards or easels as invitations to play or as part of an organised literacy activity.  The set can be used to explore and learn the alphabet letters and to make and read words.

Use the letters to practice sight words and spelling words.

We love that the set has multiples of letters.

Letters include: 5 x a, 2 x b, 3 x c, 3 x d, 6 x e, 2 x f, 2 x g, 3 x h, 5 x i, 2 x j, 4 x l, 5 x m, 3 x n, 4 x o, 4 x p, 2 x q, 4 x r, 4 x s, 4 x t, 4 x u, 2 x v, 1 x w, 2 x x, 2 x y, 2 x z

Djeco Wooden Magnetic Alphabet Letters Features:

  • 83 lower case letters
  • Storage box
  • Popular muted tones
  • Age 4yrs+
  • 22 x 22 x 4cm

How many words can you make with the Djeco Wooden Magnetic Alphabet Letters?

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