Djeco Little Association game is a matching game where you place objects, plants and animals into the group they belong.


Players take turns selecting an element card and turning it face up for all payers to see. Players then race to decide which universe it belongs.  The first player to place one of the animals on the correct universe cards gets to keep the element card.

There are plenty of ways to modify this beautifully illustrated and quality game.  It would well in a therapy clinic, early childhood centre or early intervention environment.

We love the cute sturdy animals, the chunky quality cards and the whole idea of this game.

Recommended for 2.5yrs – 5yrs and for 2 to 4 players.

A quick, fun and straight forward game that takes about 10 minutes to play.

Includes: 3 animals, 3 universe cards (vegetable garden, pond and meadow) and 30 element cards.

Suitable for 6yrs+

Djeco Little Association game Features:

  • A brilliant game that helps develop understanding of associations, organising items into groups and belonging or not belonging
  • Helps develop speech and language
  • Quality long lasting and appealing to children and adults alike

The Djeco Little Association game will help children learn about grouping and categorising.

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