Miniland Diversity Hotel

Miniland Diversity Hotel


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This is a fun game that teaches all about Cultural Diversity. Play Diversity Hotel at home with the family, or even at school for teachers and the class.

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Diversity Hotel is a fun one on one game that explores cultural diversity.

This is a game of questions and answers to find out about different cultures by identifying different characters. The game encourages respect for diversity and friendly behaviour. Encouraging equality and social integration while enriching vocabulary.

How to play Diversity Hotel:

  1. One person is the police (or team), the other is the Hotel Receptionist (or team)
  2. The police pick a window – only the police can see the person inside. They must then describe the guest to the receptionist. The Police can only give to clues to describe the guest.
  3. The Receptionist then looks through their ‘Hotel Key Cards’  to see if they can identify the guest based on the Police Officers description.
  4. If guessed correctly, the person is removed from the hotel and the key card stack. If guessed incorrectly, they are placed back on the board and in the stack to try again later.
  5. Game is complete once all hotel guests have been guessed.

There is also a five minute timer included with the game if you would like more of a challenge. The game can be played as singles or as teams. After two rounds, the team who guessed the most in the five minutes are the winners.

The game is recommended for for ages 3 – 6 and for 2 – 6 players.

What is included with Hotel Diversity?

  • Hotel Windows x 12
  • Guests Cards x 12
  • Hotel Key Cards x 12
  • Hotel Receptionist Badge x 1
  • Police Badge x 1
  • Hotel Game Board x 1
  • 5 Minute Timer x 1
  • Instruction Booklet x 1




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