Create your very own prehistoric adventure with the Dinosaur Torch Projector!


Shine the Dinosaur Torch Projector on your wall or ceiling and watch your selected image light up wherever you chose. Your galactic scene can be up to 90cm wide!

Simply press the button on the torch to change the image, and change over the disc to see a whole new set of Dinosaur images!

This is a great product to add to any sensory space, especially where there is less light. We love using it in our Dark Den!

The torch is battery powered and includes a keychain, so you can take it anywhere.

You have a choice of 24 awesome Dinosaur images spaced over 3 discs.

Dinosaur Torch Projector Features:

  • Age 3+
  • 3 photo discs, 8 photos on each disc
  • Dimensions 3.2cm x 3.2cm x
  • Includes keychain

Transport yourself into your very ancient adventure with the Dinosaur Torch Projector! 

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