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The Simple Dimpl is one of the best fidgets we’ve ever found.  It is an all rounder fidget.  It fits into the palm of your hand or pocket, is on an attachable key ring and “feels” great.  It isn’t specifically designed as a CHEW but often people who fidget also chew on pencil tops or the like, and the Simpl Dimpl is made from food grade silicone and ABS plastic.

25 in stock


The Dimpl is an original toy and makes for a fantastic sensory fidget.  In terms of toys, it is an all rounder – it is suitable for the very young and older children, too.


Put it into the hands of little ones and watch their eyes light up.  It is easy to grasp with one hand or two.

Push the brightly coloured silicone pillows in and out, over and over.  Build fine motor skills while learning about cause and effect.  Have one in the nappy bag, in the car or backpack when travelling.

The dimpl is BPA free and made from food grade silicone and ABS plastic – so it is safe if it spends any time in the mouth!

The dimpl is also a great resource to have in the fidget basket or sensory space.  Alternatively, use it as a transition tool, whilst moving from one activity to the next or when changing environments (eg classroom to school assembly).

Once your fingers start pushing and popping the various sized colourful buttons (dimples) it is hard to stop.  Think: never ending bubble wrap!

As a fidget, the Dimpl can help keep the hands busy to ease anxiety or help with focus and attention.

Fat Brain Dimpl Features:

  • it is addictive, feels unreal and keeps hands busy.
  • it is made from food grade silicone and sturdy BPA free plastic so is SAFE
  • it ticks so many boxes – a fidget that  is addictive, small, fairly quiet AND is safe!

Recommended for 10mths+


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