Dice Stack game from Blue Orange is not your typical dice and counting game.

The idea of the game is stack your dice in numerical order to collect the most points.  The golden dice doubles your points, and you’ll want to use it wisely to maximise your score.

But the CATCH with Dice Stack, is the dice are NOT normal dice – they are NOT cubes.  They are all tilted on several sides.  This makes the stacking so much harder and all the more interesting.  It is great for fine motor and hand eye coordination as well.

The winner is the player who gets to 100 points first.

Dice Stack game will have players building steady hands, adding up and strategising.

Included: 7 dice and 1 handy storage bag.

Suitable for 7yrs+ and 2 to 6 players.

Dice are approx 2cm (give or take a few mm!)