These Dice Emotions 6 Sided individual

are excellent for any gamer and look fantastic.


This is a 16mm 6 sided D6 dice.

Each side has a different expression. If you need help determining your mood for the day give one of these fun 16mm Smiley Face dice a roll! 6 outcomes are possible, expressed in a face. You can roll 1 of these emotions: sadness, surprise, anger, love, confusion, or happiness. Koplow Games Dice are some of the best in the hobby, with well painted and etched numbers/pips/text.

Dice Emotions 6 Sided individual Features:

  • Faces include expressions of sadness, surprise, anger, love, confusion, and happiness!
  • Dice are ~16mm tall, round cornered and are white with black etches
  • Ages 3yrs+

Great for acting exercises, role playing, or anything your imagination can come up with.



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