The Dealing in Feelings Cards are a great resource for helping children in emotional and social skills development.


The Dealing in Feelings Cards are a pack of 26 pairs of image cards depicting different emotions. They are durable, large format cards.  Each card has a photographic image on one side. There are also cards with game suggestions and a guide for therapists.

We love that the images are photos of actual people (as opposed to abstract cartoon images or pictures). This especially assists those with difficulty interpreting and recognising emotions, facial expressions and social cues.

The cards can stimulate discussion and be used as a catalyst for circle time or as story starters.

Dealing in Feelings Cards explore body language and facial expressions, promote inclusion and help promote awareness of emotions (self and others).

Each card is a generous size of approx 13cm x 8cm – a good size for individual or small group work

Dealing in Feelings Cards Features:

  • 26 Pairs of picture cards 13 x 8cm
  • A set of resources perfect for personal use or for teachers, casual teachers, coaches and group leaders.
  • Compact folder-style cardboard box for easy storage and transportability.
  • Ages 5+

Add the Dealing in Feelings Cards to your collection for a fun, interactive way to teach emotion and so much more.

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