The Crooked Croc Fidget is a cute flexible little toy and fidget all in one.


Small enough for little hands and large enough to give a decent amount of ways to manipulate.  This fidget is a worthwhile addition to any sensory box or fidget kit.  Throw one in the car or have one on the Principals desk.

Twist and position the croc into all sorts of configurations.  Then work out how to get it back into its original shape.

We love that the croc is quiet and so discreet.  It fits into the palm of your hand, a pencil case, pocket, backpack, glove box or handbag.

Crooked Croc Fidget Fidget Features:

  • Perfect for transitions or waiting times
  • A beauty to include in your sensory kit or fidget box.
  • Suitable for 3yrs+
  • Wooden
  • Approx 19 x 2 x 2cm

Pop a crooked croc in your backpack, handbag, car and on your desk.

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