The Crazy Numbers game is a fast thinking visual processing number recognition game.  Every second counts with this game of lightning speed and observation.

Made by the Happy Puzzle Company, this card game has 120 entirely different challenge cards.  Each card consists of an illustration that features numbers – sometimes a few, sometimes there will be many. 

You never know what is going to be required.  Will you need to spot the missing number or which number is doubled up?  Will you need to add numbers or multiply?  Whatever the challenge, you’ll need to be fast.

We love that this game is visually challenging yet easy to adapt to suit different levels of ability.  You can easily differentiate Crazy Numbers by only using cards with the same challenges, or even focus on times tables by selecting those cards.

Suitable for 8yrs+ and for 2 to 4 players.

Approx 15 x 15cm packaging.