The Connetix Ball Run is a wonderful addition to your Connetix Tile collection.  Turn your fabulous magnetic tile creations into a marble run!


The Ball Run comes with clear pieces which means you can see the balls roll down the tubes in a coloured blur.

The pack also includes two (2) staircase pieces that create a soundscape, adding an extra dimension to this construction toy!

The pieces are all compatible with the Connetix Tiles (sold separately) as well as other popular versions of magnetic tiles.

Magnetic Tiles and the Connetix Ball Run set is a great way to develop a number of skills including gross motor, hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor and cause and effect all while developing creative thinking and open-ended play. With 92 pieces, there’s endless possibilities!

This is one of our favourite STEAM (Science, technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) Toys.

The set includes:

  • 36 x Connecting Squares
  • 6 x Wooden Balls
  • 2 x Y Shape Split Tubes
  • 2 x Long Stairs
  • 2 x S Bend Tubes
  • 8 x U Shaped Tubes (180 degree bend)
  • 8 x Slide Tubes
  • 12 x Right Angle Tubes (90 degree bend)
  • 6 x Long Straight Tubes
  • 8 x Short Straight Tubes
  • 2 x Bowls
  • Idea Booklet

PLEASE NOTE: This Pack doesn’t contain any standard connetix tiles.

Connetix Ball Run Features:

  • Open ended magnetic construction toy
  • The clear fluted tubes that add to the fascination factor – watch the balls zoom through!
  • A split tube for racing fun.
  • The staircase pieces add a delightful auditory dimension.
  • Cause and effect toy
  • STEAM toy
  • Extend play and creativity options to your existing magnetic tiles

The Connetix Ball Run is a total game changer for your Connetix Constructions, turning them into Ball Runs!


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